• Martine VOYEUX

Martine Voyeux lives and works in Paris.

Co-founder of the agency Métis in 1989, she joined Signatures as soon as it was created, it’s a home of photographers.
She continues a personal work during trips that lead her towards the south.
The body, the movement, the dance, the adolescence, the Mediterranean mythical cities, never-ending stories that feed on each other for a narrative full of meaning and sensuality.

Winner of several awards, Robert Delpire dedicates her a major exhibition at the National Center of Photography in Paris, which will be followed by others in France and abroad, Barcelona, ​​Lisbon,
Tangiers, Bucharest and Naples.
She exhibits at the Galerie Forêt Verte, Paris, as part of the Month of Photography.

In parallel, she carries out institutional orders: Museum of Man, National Library, Air France, Institute of Fashion, CIDIL, General Council of the Somme, Ministry of Education and Culture, Council of Europe. ..And collaborates with the press: Geo, Liberation, Le Monde ...

She is among others the author of the books "Portrait of body" and "Saga Maure" published by Marval Publishers which gathers her work in Andalusia and Morocco and "Writing against oblivion" which is a collection of portraits of directors for Amnesty International.

She directs photo workshops in France and abroad, Italy, Iran, and Romania. Invited teacher at the National School of Photography in Arles and at the School of Fine Arts in Beirut.

She directs two films for television "El Cabrero" about Andalusia, and "Flamenco Road" for the “Printemps de Bourges”

His photographs are presented in public and private collections.

Martine VOYEUX