• Marine Lécuyer


"Burning" is a dystopia, a journey through a world where the water has disappeared.
This series explores the question of disappearance, trace and memory through fiction.

Photographs and fragments of texts merge between reality and fiction to tell an intimate story, questioning the ambivalent relationship we have with our planet.

Here, each element turns into a clue, a symbol or a relic of a suspended world, in which we no longer know if the disaster has already happened, or if it is still in front of us, avoidable.


Bazacle’ family garden CMCAS Impasse du ramier, Toulouse
september 18 to october 3
Meeting Saturday september 18 at 4 p.m. storytelling tour of the exhibition in the gardens by Céline Molinari. from 4 years old
5 p.m. presentation of the exhibition by the photographer.

Open to visitors : Wednesday to Sunday 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Marine Lécuyer

Self-taught photographer, Marine Lécuyer develops a personal writing at the crossroads of reality and fiction.
She mainly works on long-term photographic projects, turned towards the exploration of the notion of territory -
in a geographical meaning as well as an intimate one.

Since 2013, collective and individual exhibitions allow her to show her work in different festivals, galleries and
cultural places in France and Europe.