"Motherhood" is a bosom, fillled with a child body, plants, water stretches, and a bunch of blank pages. We silently tiptoe inside, eyes wide open. Here is a sublte space bathed in, if one dares say, a flow of love for what is, fragile, unstable and yet immortal.

The photographic moment is less about grasping than imprinting how fleetingly and definitely life goes by. Motherhood is an invitation to be attentive, it is undoubtedly a Buddhist book knowing about the value of Satori. Landscapes, hardwood forests, black and green puzzles were made from cloud fairy dust. A little girl with closed eyes knows about the beginning and the end of the story, her country is called Jadis. To her, everything looks like an overwhelming presence as everything is unreal, timeless, vibrating in its natural order. Here, it’s about tales, the fear of wolves and stone-like streaks of light on the path. Darkness is protective, as are parents slipping into bed, getting together, under the sheets at dusk. as they wildly crave for blossom, communion and creation.

Now the willing little girl, stable, in her very stumbles steps onto the beach, in the peat, while Saturn spins its melancholy to no avail. She dances and draws the whole landscape in her move. Motherhood is a music of spheres, a praise for the Earth, a gift for those who will have the chance to grasp its immemorial aspect.

Fabien Ribéry



As a visual artist, Laure tackles notions such as being human, identity and territory in a sensitive, almost sensory relationship with what surrounds her. She thus recreates timeless and even dreamlike worlds that raise universal issues through intimate questions. Her anthropological vision nurtures her interest in the Other.

Considering creation and art as a common experience, Laure develops some of her projects in a co-creating environment where everyone intervenes actively,even becoming an artist in their own life. Her innovative proposals bring another possible reality.

She, notably, collaborates with Image Temps, the mountain-based educational structure teaching how to educate the eye and promoting photographic creation , that she set up and which organizes, among other projects, the SHOOT photography festival!

Motherhood was exhibited at the “Gallery Spiral” in Grenoble in September 2019, at “Paris Photo” in November 2019, at the “Maison Forte art contemporain” in St Gervais in summer 2020, at the “Itinéraires Photographes Voyageurs » in Bordeaux in April 2021.

The book was awarded the 2019 HIP Prize for French-speaking photography in the self-publishing category.