• Mathilde De Keukelaere

«Everything was quiet»

These last ten years, France has suffered a great number of terrorist attacks. The scars that they have left have often faded and life has returned to normal “almost as if nothing

But how can the victims or witnesses of these tragedies get back on track after such a hardship ?

A lot of victims do not carry the marks of physical wounds but the psychological traumas are nonetheless settled and the suffering left by them don’t ever really fade away.

Mathilde De Keukelaere

Mathilde De Keukelaere was born in Paris in 1993. After obtaining a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Paris VIII in Paris, she joined the ETPA in Toulouse in 2017, where she obtained the «Grand Prix Photo» in 2020.

Her photographic work is situated between documentary and plastic photography. Her subjects revolve mainly around the human figure, social and environmental issues.

Her photographic approach tends to question a collective history with the help of individual journeys. The notions of trace, memory, and identity are at the heart of her photographic