• Clémence ELMAN

The end of travels

La fin des voyages (The end of travels) is a series that questions the notions of exoticism and travel, as well as their representation in photography.

I come back to my family garden and the bourgeois environment in which I grew up, in the south-west of France. I take, as a starting point, the relationship maintained by my family members with Elsewhere, references to the history of Western art and memories of childhood immortalized in the family photographic archives

In the form of a documentary-fiction, the photos question the complex representations of this exotic and erotic Elsewhere, in which the issues of cultural reappropriation and domination are underlying, notably through the accessories, patterns, colors and poses used. The staging that I imagine raise, by extension, other subjects such as modernity, consumer society, the inspiration of patterns borrowed from nature by the industry world, kitsch, the inexhaustible debate of opposition between culture and nature. In addition, my photographic process also leads me to think about the photographic act itself, using the abyss, the diversion of everyday objects and perishable vegetation.

This series is concomitant with my thesis completed this year on «The Jungle. Construction, representation and existence of a territory of dominations», a theoretical and visual research on exoticism issue.

Clémence ELMAN

Born in 1992 in Paris, Clémence Elman spent her childhood in Pau (in the south west of France).

In 2015, she graduated in political sciences from Toulouse school and moved to Berlin, where she began studying photography at the Neue Schule Für Fotografie. After that, she joined the national school of photography (ENSP), in Arles, from which she graduated in June 2020.

She works on the question of family history, on the construction of identity, on our relationship to the « Other » - in particular through the question of exoticism - and the representation of these themes in photography. In the form of photographic documentary-fiction, she constructs narratives in which she questions the boundaries between the real and the imaginary.

Clémence Elman is part of the photographers selected for the 35th edition of the Hyères Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories Festival at Villa Noailles, for the Athens Photo
festival and the Prix Maison Blanche 2020. She is laureate of the 2021 Dior photography and visual arts award for young talents