Same sun

Gaël Bonnefon’s photography raises the question of the body and its engagement. Far from a conceptual or serial photography that would be ruled by a goal and developed in a precise narrative, what is at stake in his work is surrendering to the other and encountered situations.

Without any intention or premeditation, body involvement, gesture and eye allow for an encounter, leading to uncertain and sometimes uneven paths, in the course of which an image may emerge.

Surrounded by childhood landscapes, crossed by distant horizons and crowded with bodies and faces, his photography develops a cartography of a world both fantasized and real where the triviality of life rubs shoulders with grace in some precarious and vital balance (...).

At first sight, brutal and declining, Gaël Bonnefon’s photography material is like a gaze dreading to vanish one day and always seeking reawakening.
Photography and love alike: recoil and desire, tension and release, repetition, wandering and resting, escape and pursuit.

« Only in his own emptiness does he find composure, ignoring where the path he recognizes through others tracks leads, knowing nothing more about why he has engaged it with such presumption or even if obstinately following it he will have any chance of ending up at the yet unsuspected place of his destination. » (Louis René Des Forêts – Ostinato).

Gaël Bonnefon’s practice tests this spiral through his never-ending search for intensity, breaking through dead ends, passing through a world of decay in which each picture tries to take a new step forward on the wire of a reality that constantly threatens to snap and reunite with its fantasized double.

Photography allows itself to be crossed by bursts of life, bursts of liveliness, echoes of distant sweetness and lost joys. It sings in silence, it is a lover with a thousand faces, from which bursts out the outline of a single image pursued relentlessly, from the snowy heights of childhood to the lost worlds of the present.
Mickaël Soyez


Gaël Bonnefon graduated from Toulouse School of Fine Arts with Honors in 2008. He exhibited at the Villa Pérochon, at the “Été photographique de Lectoure”, in the “104” for “Jeune Création”, at the “Rencontres internationales de la photographie d’Arles” “ PhotoEspana”, « Musée des Abattoirs » in 2014, « Galerie du Château d’Eau » in 2012 and 2019.

His work is present in the collections of the Frac Midi-Pyrénées, the Château d’Eau, the Kulturamt in Düsseldorf and the Kiyosato Museum in Japan; he has participated in the Temps Zero projects in Berlin, Braga, Rome, Bucharest, Groningen and Thessaloniki.

He has benefited from numerous artist residencies in France, Germany, and Israel. The book «Elegy for the Mundane» was published by Lamaindonne in 2019, two new books are to be published in 2021 by Iikki books and Sun/sun editions.