Under the stars of Andromeda.
(Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina)

I have been silent for a long time. Encircled myself by mountains which seemed impassable to me, moved with me each time I escaped. There are places that lock you up, there are situations.

In Sarajevo, 25 years after the longest siege in modern history, the next generation searches for their star and horizon, surrounded by their legacies, dreams and responsibilities.

In Sarajevo, 25 years later, I look for Leyla, Nike and Amir with blue hair, between Cassiopeia and Pegasus, guided by the last waves of Paul’s voice. I find Dino, Adana, Iman, Donja ...

Sous les étoiles d'Andromède

The journalistic quest falters, the photographic intention is under influence. Everything becomes conversation. From teenage memories to teenagers, from journalist to photographer, from a city to her youth, from the history of Bosnia to the future of Europe.

It is a mirror that is being held up to us.


Born in Marseille from a Maltese mother and a Franco-Swiss father, Orianne Ciantar Olive lived a youth marked by moves and travels which took her from the Camargue to Guyana, from Europe to the Americas.

With a master’s degree in cinematography, criminology and then journalism, her photographic approach explores areas of faults (geographic or existential) and transitions (identity, cultural, historical) in changing environments. The documentary approach takes on the surreal to question the real.

In 2004, living in Damascus, Syria, she exhibited her first works during the Aleppo International Photography Festival. She then became a freelance press photographer and covered international news, particularly in the Middle East, the United States and Japan.