Readers’ Picks

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Readers' Picks

photo : Heriman Avy, Broken Mirror

Readers’ Picks

Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 September, the festival ManifestO and Espace Saint-Cyprien proposed two days of free portfolios’ readings.

17 readers (liste) received 164 photographers to give them a critical appreciation, find opportunities to spread their images or to expose. Among all the series of photographs passed into their hands, some were particularly noticed:

Alexandre Ollier, Lova la Diva
❤ Ulrich Lebeuf

Alice Lévêque, Bedford
❤ Marcel Fortini

Angelo Detsis, Ici-bas
❤ Gilles Favier

Arnaud Chochon, Piscines - Semaines père/semaines impaires
❤ Dimitri Beck

Aurélie Scouarnec, Anomia
❤ Jean Marc Lacabe

Celia Ovejero Gomez, Appartement témoin
❤ Pierre Barbot

Christian Sanna, Moraingy & Fady Kanabona
❤ Dimitri Beck, Eric Karsenty

Clémentine Carrié, Un week-end par mois
❤ Marie Karsenty, Omar Boukandil

Eric Toulot, Polyscopie
❤ Eric Karsenty

Gaël Bonnefon, Elegy for the Mundane
❤ Jean Christophe Godet, Jean François Rospape

Géraldine Villemain, Tropical Summer
❤ Jean François Rospape, Yvan Poulain

Hériman Avy, Broken mirror
❤ Yvan Poulain

Ida Jakobs, La vie devant soi
❤ Jean François Rospape
(non autorisés à publier)

Jacob Chétrit, Tomorow will be better
❤ Tania Castro, Panagiotis Papoutsis

Mélody Garreau, Innocence Terni - The Channel
❤ Tania Castro, Panagiotis Papoutsis

Mundhi-Ling Gunawan, Swann
❤ Philippe Guionie

Myrtille Visscher, Léger sur la terre
❤ Gilles Favier, Marie Karsenty

Nicolas Pagès, Larmes
❤ Eric Karsenty

Pierre Montagnez, Valparaiso
❤ Sylvie Hugues

Romain Peli, Ouroboros
❤ Eric Karsenty

Thomas Guillin, Conquête
❤ Sylvie Hugues