• Hervé Baudat

Star drifts and navigations

When I press the shutter, I change perceptions of my life, I add new characters to the novel. I unveil previously hidden protagonists.

Pictures prompt me to change tack. I scuttle my own ship or set out to the sea. I raise the Jolly Roger. I start boarding other vessels.


Hervé Baudat

Hervé Baudat, a photographer with a fondness for silver grains and other chemical acids, was born in the
early seventies and has produced many portraits of artists, faces of people he meets, and his own circle
of friends and family. He can be spotted with his 6x6, 6x7 and 4x5 hardware in his little village in
southern Corsica, in Veneto during the winter, or tramping the streets of Paris. His photographs feature
in the collections of the Musée Rodin and Bibliothèque Nationale, inter alia.