• Jean-Pierre ANGÉI


Personal reflections through my photos have always been influenced by this flow, this back and forth movement between past and present and vice versa.
My research is similar to another field that questions memory: Archaeology, collecting and accumulating data, scraps of information.

What fascinates me in landscape photography are the tangible and material signs of an intersection between past and future, as the effect of time expressed through the life of beings and things.

In the Ephemeris project, for me, mountains in winter are used as a research area. The photographs are taken from cable cars, the only way for me to fly over these territories as I cannot ski. This point of view brings a distance that plays with scale, human beings and infrastructures, revealing their fragility, and that of the landscape crossed.

Photography is the only way to remember these imprints left on this ephemeral snow. Snow is here the physical frame of our own present.
These seemingly immutable territories, are here inflected by man, time, change processes, all producing traces that keep questioning how past is shaped in its permanency.

Past, lurking, motionless, in the folds of the present that I can trace on a snow-capped slope covered with curved lines and these same lines which will be erased by fresh snow like a palimpsests.

Snow is like a blank page on which our time in this world is written out.
Like a life cycle with our own time scale. Just like the wrinkles and scars left by this same time scale.


Jean-Pierre ANGÉI

He has been working for years to highlight what is the most refined in human beings, between Being and Appearance. To him, in portraits, what is more important is Being.
Reflecting this interest, he photographs the stories of inhabited places and landscapes, shaped by man and just like him scathed by time.
He talks about some land at the end of the world, yes it’s just a small piece of land but it fairly well reflects a life cycle on a different time scale.
The work presented here is a framework of topographic faces or an aerial radiography revealed by snow in the regions of Oisans and Savoy.

His work was exhibited in France and abroad.

« Ephéméride » at the European photography festival in Italy in 2019.
« L’envol » in Milan at the Villa Pomini in 2016.
« Des visages des figures » at Les Rencontres d’Arles in 2009.
Artist residency / Workshops
Varce Prison, Isère
Voiron hospital and Coublevie nursing home, Isère
Les 2 Alpes, Oisans
October 2020, Chamonix, Shoot festival