• Matilda HOLLOWAY

M.R.H - La Noe

M.R.H. are the initials I share with my grandmother on my father’s side. This photographic work began during the last days I spent with her late Summer 2019, as she slowly slipped away at my aunt’s house in La Noé.

My own pictures mix with family photographs salvaged from my grandmother’s flat: a small collection of negatives, the oldest of which depicts her as a child by her great-grandmother’s side around 1935. The series is built by bringing these negatives together with contemporary pictures and creates superimpositions from which new images arise, a stratification of eras and generations and an emergence of third spaces.

This project offers an intimate look at a life’s end as well as a more universal representation of genealogy and memory. Derived from a family photo album these commonplace souvenirs take on a fictional, ghostly dimension, opening up a reflection on the dialectic movement between life and death.



Matilda Holloway is a film-maker, photographer and literary and audiovisual translator. Originally from London, she has lived in France since the year 2000. She holds degrees in science of language and audiovisual research and experimentation and is currently a PhD student in research-creation at the University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès. Her thesis questions the heterotopian dimension of the audiovisual medium, its potential to create and introduce us to other spaces. Inspired by science-fiction as well as the Gothic imaginary and the fantastique, Matilda’s practice experiments narrative, questions our modes of perception and more generally concerns the ways in which human relationship to the world can be rethought today. She lives and works in Toulouse.