Tokiori, literally means time folds in Japanese. Tokioris are traditional celebrations punctuating seasons. Seasons are quite present in the Japanese culture. In the classic forms of haikus, these very short poems, seasonal words "kigo", must be mentioned.
The photos presented here are the fruit of several trips to Japan, at different seasons. These journeys to find about the cyclic time so specific to Asian culture, more particularly the Buddhist one, came to contradict my Western and linear notion of time.
There, everything is an eternal cycle. For me, everything was also a constant astonishing jubilation as Japan, though modern is not Western.
Consequently, after my fifth visit, I started the difficult learning process of this language.
I will go back to discover again, a few poetic moments in the most hidden folds.

Time flies,
As we are reminded every season
Adding a fold to our life.



Eric SUPIOT was born in 1963 and grew up in Paris. He now lives in Angers.
From his high school years, he kept a taste for photography and travelling. In the 1990s, it was his reading of "The Way of the World" by Nicolas Bouvier and "Going East" by Max Pam that made him travel to Asia.
Since 2012, he mainly uses a Rolleiflex. for both its viewfinder and the time it takes to take the picture.

"I like observing the places I visit, taking my time strolling around to grasp their poetry. Being the photographer of the passage of time is perhaps what defines me best. "