Wild Water

Wild Waters This series follows rivers and creeks and meets with teenagers who enjoy wild bathing. A way for them to get away from their daily life where requests can be felt as oppressive. Because being 15 or 20 years old in the 2020’s is to be absolutely certain to have lost a carefree attitude that was fully theirs. So, we escape from crowded spots, from supervised swimming, from a virus martyrizing minds and impeding bodies.

In these white spots where cell phones are cut off, they are left with confronting themselves with these confined spaces, alone with their peers, alone with the rush of adrenaline when diving into nature summoning the elements and their reclaimed freedom. It is the moment before taking the plunge in a too full world: Full of danger, fear and uncertainty.

It is a more or less conscious return to the primary state of being, to the sources of untamed water.


Antoine VINCENS de TAPOL turned to documentary writing via photography, which proved to be his most appropriate medium to meet others. He has thus compiled an anthropological approach (his formal education).

As documentary writing is a more flexible process, the author can assert the first person «I», and the artistic universe provided by photography.

His first preference is rooted in his personal life, teenage years spent in the countryside. So he started working on rural youth, wondering how teenagers lived their youth, hopes, fears, codes,

His second favourite subject is the result of a questioning that concerns us all: our place in our environment, whether it is social or geographical. What footprint, trace does an individual leave on the community and the territory? And at the same time, to what extent do society and territory determine the

Born in 1978 in Cognac, Antoine VINCENS de TAPOL lives in Paris.