• Margot Pivot

Round Trip

There is a thing you can only find in a small village and not in big cities: intimacy between
people. Everybody knows everybody. When we were kids, the village looked like a big
playground. But, the more you grow the more it could tempt you to escape the village to a
bigger world and new experiences.
Over time, I took a step back. This project enables me and even taught me to look at my
village as I am now and not as when I was a child. I got back to places I was not looking
anymore, places I found insignificant and I especially focused on people, moments.
Those without whom this village would never have existed. Those who makes me feel
that, every come back felt like I never left.

Margot Pivot

Born in 1996, Margot is from a small village north west of Lyon. From 2015 to 2018, she
studied at the ETPA School in Toulouse, from which she was awarded the grand prize
winner 2018. Her work aims to testify to a social reality. This is an approach between her
private target in life and an objective look of the world that surrounds her. She is now
living and working in Lyon.