• Patrice Dion

Absolute Willingness

An exhibition around the human being and its landscape.

"Welcome on Board, we left behind the everyday life, crossed Scotland, and kept on moving forward fully preserving this need for discovery.
Let’s life surprise us and let’s see what’s round the corner.
We were three photographers, unique among many others..."

The artist questions the value somebody grants to something worthy, delivers his perception of the world, and leaves space to the viewer to feedback his truth and own language.

Only joy remains in the relationship we invent to others.

Patrice Dion

Sculpture Grand Prix of the city at the end of his training at the Beaux-Arts in Toulouse in 1987,
Patrice Dion has been working as a sculptor/designer ever since.
Initiated to photography by his father, the young boy has constantly made use of this medium,
however with more intensity since 2005.
Supported by Jacques Roubert, founder of the Gallery "The comfort of the strangers", the artist
develops with consistency and confidence his dream world.
In 2014, laureate of the XII Festival ManifestO for its series "ESSENCE".
2016 DRAC Scholar for an Individual Creation Assistance.
Training with photographers authors, experts in ancient processes and photographic chambers.
Patrice Dion affirms here and now, his look on the human and his landscape ...