Benzine Cyprine

Benzine Cyprine is a documentary project, the name of a women’s gang and an identifying Symbol.

Benzine Cyprine is the name of a women’s group, and also an identifying symbol. This documentary project of the same name results from a compelling need to respond to an existential malaise around being female. This gender that is felt to be vulnerable, helpless and denigrated. But, to embody her gender beyond the injunctions related to her sex is an approach neither spontaneous nor innate. It is gradually building, it is influenced. I then began to photograph symbols of a particular feminine identity that inspires both sensuality and virility. This symbolism is expressed through moments of life of a gang of women. Because the identity group, in my opinion, offers valorization, respect, cohesion and strength of claim in total contrast to the feeling of vulnerability. The Benzine Cyprine are an explosiv cocktail which represents this desire for access to enjoyment and happiness by demonstrating its individuality in a uncompromising way.


Kamille Lévêque jégo studied graphic communication techniques, drawing and photography at the Institut Supérieur des Arts in Toulouse. She deepens her photographic researches at Bauhaus University (Weimar, Germany) and is graduated from the I.S.D.A.T in 2012. Her photographic works are inspired by the aesthetics and seductive mechanisms of advertising, propaganda and film fiction. She thus relies on a collective culture of the image as a common language from which she extracts a symbolic. Her body of work is using fiction as a manner to act in the way we imagine our future and question reality.