•  Nahia GARAT


Strenght, breach, questioning.
Appearances have not yet veiled these faces.
Going back to the natural state of perception.
I am the child


Nahia Garat was born in 1992 in Bayonne (Basque Country, France).
As soon as 2010, she worked with many photographers to practice photography.
She worked as a photographer assistant in Bordeaux and the Basque Country for more than a year, discovering the Press, studio shootings, digital and silver printing.
Her encounter with Jean-Luc Chapin ( Vu agency) was decisive on how she approached photography as an art.

In 2012 she deepened her knowledge with a 2-year degree at the School of Photography of Toulouse, ETPA.

Driven by an introspective approach,
Her photographs focus on the conflicting action they create valuing sense over aesthetics.

She started with black and white portraits and a documentary.
She then turned to more subjective colour series, in an attempt to grasp the unspeakable atmospheres of specific environments such as mountains or, on the opposite, capital cities.
Nahia is an independent photographer quite at ease with photo-reportages, documentaries and portraits, she regularly works with communication agencies, the Press and individuals.
She lives in Bordeaux and works in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.