•  Patricia COMBACAL


This series “décillement” is about mental theatre, disenchantement, metamorphosis.


Patricia Combacal was born in France in 1971. She lives and works in Toulouse. After studies in Clinical Psychology and Speech Therapy, she returns to her previous interest in photography and participates to photography workshops in Saint-Cyprien, Toulouse.
Influenced by Fashion Photography and Intimate Photography, she is often involved in two or three long-time projects at the same time, associating drawing and writing.

Her shooting process is different for each series.
For the Décillement series, she used natural light and a low quality film camera to evoke a universe.
All her projects focus on mental life and its productions (feelings, dreams, memories) but also on metamorphosis and the body.

Décillement could be translated by Opening one’s eyes. In the Middle Ages, Déciller meant: unstitching a hawk or bird of prey eyelids. Separate eyelids that were joined.
In a more common sense, it would mean: to open eyes on something ignored or meant to be ignored. Being aware of reality.