• Shinwook KIM

Unnamed land: Air Port City

An airport that I have regularly plied to and from since 2010.
Airports require extensive space and facilities. Consequently, areas surrounding airports create strange scenery and attract diverse people. Over a long period of time, I have seen vast numbers of people visiting the area for work, leisure and various other reasons. Airports will probably conjure up all kinds of thoughts and feelings for these people.

Since its opening, just like other modern public facilities, the airport has expanded in area due to an unexpected increase in demand. As a consequence, what used to be agricultural and residential areas have been cleared and now there is an awkward coexistence between the existing and newly expanded areas. For this reason, you often see strange scenery around the airport. The boundaries of the airport and surroundings seem clear but often they can be vague and obscure. There is a big empty space over the airport fence. Immigrants from many different cultures reside in the houses near the air paths. Furthermore, there are constant controversies over runway expansion and adverse environmental impacts on residents. All the various aspects of modern society can be witnessed constantly spreading across the area.
 The airport is still relentlessly expanding. As I focus on the area surrounding the airport rather than only investigating its interior and intended purpose, paradoxically its spatiality is revealed. Unnamed Land: AIR PORT CITY will focus its spatiality as it contains diverse aspects of occurrence and people around the airport.

Shinwook KIM

Shinwook Kim, born in 1982, is an artist lives and works in London. Shinwook Kim holds BA Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London and MA Fine Art Photography from Royal College of Art in London. He exhibited and awarded in the UK, Italy, The Netherland, Finland/Sweden, Japan and South Korea. His work is held in permanent collection at the Kiyosato Photo Art Museum in Japan and Oriel Collge, University of Oxford in the UK.