• Sophie KNITTEL

The Fall of Attica

“This race was said to have sprung, so deep from the past darkness that men knew of them no more than their names, nor even clearly how they were linked to each other. But there came a time when their children seemed like to die out.”
Ion, extract
A. R. Hope Moncrieff

A long-term documentary project on the Greek economic, political, and social crisis.
The country of Greece is sinking slowly. Nevertheless the cradle of European civilisation and democracy, these two concepts are undeniably currently under threat with recent world events. Not only is the country facing its most severe economic crisis, but is also shouldering the largest wave of migrants in modern history. Greece only holds forth not with its government and its policies, but through the determination, the solidarity and the dignity of its people.


Specialised in narrative documentary photography and portraiture, Knittel is questioned by the social issues but especially the non-sensational, the daily things, the unnoticed, the forgotten, the ignored or the badly-loved. Far from the melodrama, her work of calm images speaks in a whisper and reflects resistance to an era which seems flippant to her. She is a University of the Arts London graduate with a Master in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography. She lives and works in the United Kingdom.