• Vincent BENGOLD

Blanche Aubrac

This landscape is neither a scenery, a composition nor a fiction. It is a feeling bonded by reality, something seen and lived, an indestructible link between oneself and the environment. Anyone who welcomes it cannot but be moved, drifting away into daydreaming .


Living and working in Bordeaux. 
Graduated from the National Academy of Photography of Arles (ENSP) after studies at the Marseille Fine Arts Academy.
Vincent Bengold started working for the National Photographic Collection of the Cultural Department in Paris.
After working on prestigious national heritage collections (Renault History Society, Jacques Henri Lartigue, Le Corbusier and Pierre Mendes France), he launched his own studio : « Pixels & Grains d’Argent ».
Since 1999, he has been working in partnership with Nathalie Lamire-Fabre as Artistic Director with the festival «Itinéraires des Photographes Voyageurs» in Bordeaux.
He also teaches Photography, History of Photography and Graphic Design at Bordeaux Montaigne University (IUT) and in ICART Institute.

Still working on his personal research project on the memory of places, he’s interested in leaving behind, somewhere, a groove, a trace or signs... as Georges Perec would.

In his series « Le Monde est une étude» shot in Italy, Egypt, Andalusia or more recently « Fragile » or « White Aubrac » in the Landes and Aubrac, his photographs involve the spectator into subtle games between shadows and light as far as stopping time.