• BOUCHER Mélissa

It is rather pleasant, this feeling of losing one’s bearings with the first few steps – to be disoriented; to pass through these scenes at night, as an urban rambler. Little by little, a kind of nocturnal ritual appears.
On the stretch of Nguyen Hue Avenue in Saigon and along the promenade by the lake in Hanoi – in the shade of its lights, the expanding modernity welcomes a youth of uncertain belonging, nonchalantly looking towards the future.
A stranger in these places, I sauntered and latched on to details, seeking the secrets of this generation – reading them in seemingly insignificant gestures, a code unknown to me.
The lyricism of mingling illuminates these scenes of friends, their mopeds parked on the sidewalk – among altars, streetlights, high-end shops and luxury hotels; amid the momentary interaction with street vendors, and the laughter of girls wearing only a long American-style t-shirt.
Amid the noise of cars honking and mopeds roaring the night is never peaceful, but there is something palpable in the air – the serenity of resumption, this sensation of humidity and the cool evening air after a storm.


Mélissa Boucher, French-Bolivian was born in 1986. She is a member of Le Houloc collective workshop since December 2016.
After an intensive foundation degree in literature, she graduated from the Beaux-Arts in Paris. She can either be involved in individual or collaborative projects.
With her images, she rethinks and reimagines her encounters and mouvements, as her creations delve into memory, questioning our relationship to space, time and narrative: a play between documentary drama and fiction.
Her collaborative project Sonnette with Marine de la Loge, was exhibited at the festival Circulation(s) in 2016 and in April 2017 at the MMA, Moscow - art and multimedia museum - as part of a carte blanche at the festival Circulation(s).

Her projects and images are a way to re-think her trips and encounters. Composing with images a way to explore memory and narratives.

Her project Sonnette in duo with Marine de La Loge was presented in the photography festival Circulations(s) in 2016 and in the museum MMA of Moscow in 2017. She has participated in collective exhibitions in galleries, such as Monstres et Madones in Triple V, Pixel Monument in the gallery of Cité des Arts in Paris,the Visceral reality in Les Bains Douches of Alençon. Her last project in Vietnam will be exposed during the festival Les Boutographies in Montpellier in May 2019.