• SIODOS David

With time, David Siodos realized that he photographs a lot of people living differently, without constraints or artifice. As if he was naturally attracted by their grace, their presence, their particular charisma.

People in a hurry are more difficult to photograph and their body language seems to be contrived. Are they prisoners of their schedules? Are we all? Does time exist ? Or is it nothing but a timetable that allows us to apprehend reality, that gives us the illusion of having a hold over it? Aren’t pedestrians without any schedule, standing outside timeframe, more in touch with reality ? These are questions that, he believes, motivate his excursions. His work constantly questions the relationship between time and reality.

The series « In the shadow of the livings » tries to capture flutters. He sees each individual as a projection of themselves. Isn’t our identity a story that we tell ourselves over and over again, refining it a little more each day? The photographer want to catch, in the beings he photographs, the point of fusion between their intimate fiction and a world that is beyond us. All day long, David Siodos follows individuals who wander or live on the periphery of life, and who shoulder with the essence of things... To the point of no longer knowing if he is alive... Or simply a shadow.


There are photographers who report an event or an adventure, they are called reporters. And then, there are the photographers who travel around the world and whose work presents the things that make up life, a street, a passer-by, an expression. David Siodos falls into this category. His work is built around a desire to restore the pulse of the city. The place doesn’t matter, the unexpected is everywhere. In 2017, he received the « Germaine Chaumel Prize » and decided to focus his attention on marginalized populations. In 2019, he presented his book Périphérique (in collaboration with the poet Romain Lasserre) in which he shows authentic people he had met in these mysterious and unknown places that are the surroundings of the ring road. This work was presented at the Bernard Magrez Institute (Bordeaux) in January 2019. In his latest photographic series In the shadow of the livings, David Siodos looks at our relationship with time and proposes a dreamlike vision of our society.