Dolls statment

Dolls, is a documentary photography project which proposes a reflection on the concept of identity and freedom of young gypsy girls of the suburb of La Cité of Perpignan (France), a district exclusively gypsy considered one of the poorest in the city.
Intended as a visual testimony of the young gypsy females of this community, the project shows the preliminary steps to adulthood for these girls with a desire to express the wildest side of their existence, in contrast with restrictions that they will have to live with once they lose their virginity and become women.

“Poupées” works as a metaphor associated with the Gypsy patriarchal system. On one hand, the title alludes to the innocence and purity characterizing the universe of female children, in a society where honour and virginity are first on the podium of values. On the other hand, it refers to the concept of objectified woman through the early hyper sexualisation of these girls. Adolescence comes to an end after "the handkerchief test” where the girl’s virginity and honesty will be proved by the ajuntaora. From that moment on, she will be her husband’s and his relatives’ property.
Losing one’s virginity is a rite of passage that will put an end to a small world of spontaneity and independence, the threshold of a reality steeped with submission and servility.


Neus Solà (1984) is a documentary photographer born and based in Barcelona. Neus graduated in Humanities at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona (UPF). After Studying Fine Arts (UB), she completed the postgraduate course in Cultural Management and International Cooperation (UB) and the Master in Visual Anthropology (UB), completing her studies with several courses and workshops in photography, video and editing, among which she highlights the course of Fine Art and Documentary Photography at « El Observatorio ».
Her interest in different cultures and social issues have led her to conduct several projects about documentary photography and video in different countries, focusing on the issues of identity, gender and ethnic minorities from an anthrophological perspective.

Her work "Poupées" was selected at the Viphoto 2016 Photo Fair, finalist in IWPA Photography Award 2017.
Was awarded with Honours in the Fòrum Fotografic Can Basté Grant and in the II Joan Cabanas-Alibau Grant of photography.