• Aurelia FREY

Life rests on silence

The Norwegian project « Life rests on silence » was created while in artist-in residence in Halsnoy monastery. It was inspired by Tarjei Vesaas’ novel “The boat at night” and Anna-Eva Bergman’s paintings.

I’m drawn to the notion of passage they explore between Good and Evil, Darkness and Light, Water and Earth.
Tarjei Vesaas writing translates our brain’s twists and turns, these back and forth mouvements between lightness and mist, reality and dreams. All these notions echo the very themes I’m interested in: the relationship to matter, strange and pure characters, prisoners of silence as if in quest of inner worlds, travelling to places where swaying is always prevailing. This instant when things are no longer what they were but become others.
Coming into Tarjei Vesaas ‘universe is according to Tarjei Versaas himself “Not understanding, but being near what’s happening”

Aurelia FREY

Born in 1977, Aurélia Frey is a graduate from the National School of Photography of Arles. She was a member of the art department in Casa Velazquez in Madrid. She took part in many artist-in-residences in France and in Norway.

Passionate about painting and literature, Aurélia Frey creates links between the visual and literary worlds and photo-graphy.
Her images question the notion of passage, try to create interactions between the frontiers of the different universes of representation: visible world vs inner world, reality vs imagination, the tangible and the abstract.