• Anne LEROY


My series have been exhibited in festivals and galleries (“Nuit de l’année”, “Les Rencontres d’Arles”, “Itinéraires des photographes voyageurs” festival in Bordeaux, Carré Amelot gallery in La Rochelle).
About Abkhazia:
Abkhazia is a small, de facto independent territory between the Caucasus Mountains and the western banks of the Black Sea.
The war between Abkhazia and Georgia that started on 14th August 1992 resulted in the secession of the region in September 1992, and the forced displacement of 250,000 Georgians. It is now a place of cold conflict, partially free of the remains of an old war, a place of buried and preserved secrets.
During my first trip to Georgia, I met with refugee families from the 1992-1993 waves of displacement who were still living in dilapidated premises or makeshift shelters. Abkhazia is a forbidden territory for them, an object of fantasy and sometimes anger too.
I started to travel in Abkhazia at the same time. Formerly coveted for its mild climate, eucalyptus and mandarin trees, languorous sea front and sanatoriums, the country is now dependent on the Russian Federation. In this dated backdrop of war, the future of the state’s youth is uncertain and nationalism is evermore intense.
On 23rd July 2017, Abkhazia will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its declaration of independence.


After studying at ENS Louis Lumière school, I travelled for a year through the Balkans, Turkey, Caucasia, Iran, Central Asia and finally, India. On my return, I moved to Bordeaux. I now produce documentary work in France and abroad. I also work for institutional organisations and the press - Le Monde Mag, Libération.

My approach to photography questions people and their territories. Their media are the spaces they invest, claim for themselves and abandon. My work also tackles the issue of identity and memory through individual and group stories.