• Nicolas ANGLADE


“Blinded by winter, we are wandering in the spring of a world still unknown to us.” Raoul Vaneigem

I have chosen to be a wanderer in the region of Auvergne where I was born. I limited my wandering to farmers ‘land – an old expression still quite alive! I sometimes walk with them, sometimes alone.. Although our work cannot be compared, both are free and enslaved in the same movement as if there was something common to a photographer and a peasant…

As René Char said : Wandering through reality and paying attention to traces not proofs. Traces alone engender dreams.

This series is a dream, a reportage without any subject, a documentary anomaly with blurred outlines: it is what beholders will make of it.
Through the film grain, the half-lit changing farming world takes shape, aside from prevailing intensive agriculture.
Characters and places keep their secrets but intimately conjure up the beauty and harshness of a life ruled by the elements. The twilight of our civilization is gaining ground as we are losing touch with nature, key to our survival.
I wander through winter with wide-opened eyes looking for those who believe in the existence of spring. like those weeds agronomists call adventice.

This on going work started in 2014, with the support of DRAC Auvergne, Grand Clermont community, the Rhône Alpes Auvergne region and Billom community.


Born in 1980, he lives and works in Auvergne, France.
Passionate about drawing, he studied it and working as a graphic designer.
But tired of reducing his creativity to the mere printing process, he quit his job and sold his car.
With the profit, he bought a camera, a few lenses and top-quality hiking boots.
Since 2009, he’s dedicated his time to photography his personal works slowly moving away from photo-reporting to a more subjective and freer expression
Human beings and their environment are central to his process, inspired by real life to mov
e to unstable clusters of pictures, somewhere between fiction and documentary.

He has worked for various institutions, the press: XXI magazine, La Vie, La Croix…
His pictures are regularly exhibited in art galleries : Le Magasin de Jouet, Le Bleu du ciel and Polka and festivals : Nicéphore Festival, Voies Off.
In 2014, he is finalist for La Bourse des Talents with his three-month works on cockfighting in the Reunion island.