• François VERMOT

Diplomatic footprints

In Geneva, facing the Lake Léman and the Mont Blanc : the European Headquarters of the
United Nations. !
In the Palais des Nations, every nook and cranny transport visitors back into the
past in the 1930’s and 1970’s, corresponding to the building and extending periods of the place.
This colossal edifice is crammed with features from these times which have become banally functional and used every day.
Persistence of everyday activity is anachronistic to the original style of the Palais. Though they imbue it with an unusual presence of debates, negotiations, agreements and disagreements emerge.
diplomatic footprints.
The decorum, which was intended to be refined and representative of the purpose ofthe building, had to be adapted in many places to meet diplomats’ needs. !
By 2023, for the first time the building will be entirely renovated. The space will be
redesigned, smoothed out, streamlined. Works is already in progress.

François VERMOT

A Swiss photographer and cinematographer, he studied geography and anthropology.
He works on the links between spaces and those who evolve in it, questioning more
particularly the notion of decor and what is behind it. !
He regularly leaves his everyday life for a month or more - observing what happens
when nothing is happening - voluntarily getting bored in a new town, recreating his
life for a while, somewhere else. I
He, thus, has developed works that pay
tribute to the ordinary of a place, to the banality of reality.