• Julien CAÏDOS


With the series “Errances”
Julien Caidos invites us to a stroll in an urban setting tinged with anoutdated atmosphere.
The carefully- set-up studio sceneries turn into some unknown city with its streets, buildings and their interiors.

With its three-dimensional trompe-l’oeil and falsification, this obvious city-like decor also invites characters who drag with them their intimate stories as if time had stopped.

Errance(s) has been shortlisted for the Sony World Photography Awards 2017 and is exhibited at Somerset House in London in May 2017.


was born in Paris in 1980
Lives and works in Paris.
Self-taught, Julien CAIDOS begins photography in 2002 as a book cover illustrator and portraitist for a French publishing company.

In 2003, in Paris, he founded a collective of artists and organises exhibitions where his personal work is also shown.

Subscribing to the multidisciplinary art process of his collective, he has produced unpublished thematic photographic series as well as collective installations.
From hostile universes to enchanting landscapes, his images are witness to his fascinations.
Thanks to the diversity that the photographic medium offers from informative humanist photography to directing, he explores new subjects and enriches the arrangement and imaginary world of his images.