• William BUNEL

Series title: The curtains fall
Year of the series: 2013-2016

This series was made at "la belle de Mai" district of the 3rd arrondissement of Marseille.
It has long been the seat of the Marseilles tobacco factory and the place of emigrants. It was an exclusively working-class neighborhood. Today, it is sensitive and lively, endemic (30%), despite the presence of numerous businesses.

Before I found myself face to face with my models, I penetrated dark stairwells with peeling paintings, stirring raw steps, or electric cables intermingling creating a strange climate. Time seems to have stopped there.
By entering the antiquated aspect of the places, the smells, the light project me in my childhood as if I visited my grandparents. Here nothing has changed for decades. Death has already passed by, taking one of the two spouses. Through the medium of photography I grasp the reality of an era that is going away, transfigured by my imagination.
Beyond the old-fashioned aspect of most interiors, it is the paradoxes that strike the most. In these people at the end of life, the symbols expected from the sacred are opposed to objects more incongruous, even infantilising.
Weakened but worthy. Fragile and revolted. Lost in the middle of their landmarks, the subjects expose themselves with modesty.
Each photograph exposes a closed, open universe to a hypothetical other. The spectator invites himself to these people and feels the familiarity of places; It is capable of detecting the weight of an ever more disembodied daily.
The colors also differ: sombre in some, sepulchral white in others, exuberance is opposed to sobriety. The bodies, deformed by old age, denied by clothes favoring comfort to aesthetics, tell of the past years.
Each interior turns out to be a refuge celebrating the disappeared person, past happy moments, a physical and mental adaptation to an environment created from scratch.
The eyes fixed by the photograph still sparkle but life seems to run too fast today.
"Death seems much less terrible, when one is tired" Simone de Beauvoir.
The curtains fall slowly but inevitably.

William BUNEL

Born in 1979, lives and works in Marseille.

  • 2003: graduated from the André Vésale high school, Liège, Belgium.
  • 2004: In parallel to my work, I took courses in art history and photography in Paris.
  • 2006,2008: courses taken at Vol de nuit (photographic workshop) in Marseille.
  • 2009: lives for a year in Asia and South America, where I do personal work.
  • 2010,2011,2012: production of the series "Absence" in Estonia, Latvia, Greece, Italy, France, Germany ....
  • 2013: realization of the series "Visages unveiled" and "Urban Blade".
  • 2014-2015: realization of the series "The curtains fall".
  • 2015-2017: series "The slow Waltz"

⦁ Rendez-vous of the image January 2013 "Lauréat" under the artistic direction of Jane Evelyne Atwood.
⦁ Silver retina, Marseille from 4 to 28 October 2012.
⦁ Gallery Paradis (180 rue Paradis Marseille) from 6 December 2012 to 31 January 2013.
⦁ Photo of Aix the routes via the gallery The dark fountain November 2013.
⦁ Collective exhibition Beirut art festival 2014.
⦁ Flight of night exhibition "the absent" 2015.
⦁ Odessa photo days 13-17 April 2016 projection.
⦁ Boutographie: projection of the jury 2016.
⦁ Finalist Talent scholarship "reportage" 2017.
⦁ Night of Pierrevert 2017.
⦁ Manifesto 2017.

My work tries to make visible what is hidden from view, these are fictions featuring places, bodies, women and men embodying both the singular and the strange.
Even absent from certain series the human being is at the heart of my work. Perceptible, but diffuse, signs lead to possible narratives. The photographic image knits narrations, it questions as much our relationship to reality as the flight of time.