The Europe of geographical extremes

This series is an exploration of the five extremes of geographical Europe for five years. From the most northerly, in Norway, to the southest, in the south of Crete, passing by the center in Lithuania, then from the most oriental point, in Russia to the
most western point, in Portugal.

Nations and Europe are still a fancy. In 1833, Pierre Lapie, King Charles X’s geographer, outlined Europe from the Atlantic Ocean to the Urals, spliting Eurasia in two. This definition of geographic Europe is still the same.

At a time when many nations still tend to hold on to their borders, these pictures show Europe from the point of view of land, a piece of Eurasian continent, where human beings, cities and nations pass through and vanish as a dream. The five extremes connect and extend in the same area of land, a Europe rawer, but open.