broadway musicals


broadway musicals project

The photographic window focuses on a small ‘theatre’. In the middle of this closed set, we perceive a body. It dances. Time has come to a stop and the body writes its own story. But these movements are without purpose. This is more of a reverie, in which the idea is to aestheticize reality, and render it joyous or at least give it an air of freedom - voicelessly seeking the shift from reality to the imaginary that is so characteristic of musicals.

Hybrid, heterogeneous, and anti-naturalistic, Hollywood musical comedies are based on highly artificial dramatic and formal codes, constantly highlighted by the writing process, acting, and directing via the continual dramatization of the performing instants.

Hence, this is a hybrid process that echoes the philosophy of Pina Bausch’s dance theatre:

The rehabilitation of poetry (…) in its ability to connect the possible with the real.

Interlocking and intermingling the real and the possible. It is a process of construction. Search deep within oneself, exploring the body as a matter, with its norms and emotions, to create a bold presence.

The anonymous and whimsical nature of these photographs invites the viewers to immerse themselves in this enchantment of the real world. The idea is to make, as Albert Camus imagined, Sisyphus happy. This work celebrates the lightness of Sisyphus. It complements the memento mori with a memento vivere. Here, there is no moral injunction, but rather the reuse of the body as an archaic tool for constructing oneself and the world.