Louis Jammes

Special guest of 2019 exhibition

Louis Jammes is a gesture rebel, He draws his artistic commitment from encounters he provoked at a very early age, eager to meet with his desires

Louis Jammes

It was Robert Combas, the onset of the Figuration Libre mouvement then the New York underground scene, with those who became the icons of this bubbling era that marked the late 20th century artistic mouvements: Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Lou Reed ...

Louis Jammes, an artist and committed photographer, goes beyond the simple photographic representation of the world.

Like a photojournalist, he does not hesitate to go to any hot spots around the world. The result is an uncompromising yet human representation, that moves us deeply.
Through his photographic,pictorial gesture and his commitment, he touches on a sore spot, teaching us how to find ourselves in chaos.As he re-creates humanity, he invites us to perceive what we are capable of doing to our neighbour through his collages on the walls of the places he invests.

Philosopher of the image through mouvement, he is more than ever a man of his time.
Louis Jammes, will be the edition 2019 guest of honor and president of the jury for the 2019 selection.